Ultimate Pro Rope

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Ultimate Pro Rope

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Includes: One 10' Jump Rope, Audio CD, and Instructional Jump Book.
Jump into one of the most efficient methods of cardio training and get your blood pumping with the GoFit Ultimate ProRope and high energy Audio CD!

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The GoFit Ultimate ProRope is a 10 foot long rope, fully adjustable in length, with precision ball bearings and contoured handles for superior speed and action. The ProRope will adjust to fit jumpers 5' foot to 6' foot 6.

Also included with the ProRope is a 15 minute high energy soundtrack with verbal prompts that guides you through a fat blasting, cardio conditioning workout that can be done anywhere anytime. The accompanying Rope Sport instructional booklet breaks down all the jumps and moves so you can be jumping like a pro in no time.

• 10 Foot Adjustable Length Rope
  -Ergonomically Contoured Handles
  -Precision Ball Bearings
• 15 Minute High Energy Audio CD
• Instructional Jump Book

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Product Code: GF-SRACD

Proper jump rope length?

• Grab each handle as you would hold ski poles
• Put one foot on the center of the rope and pull up on the handles
• The handles should come to the center of your chest or no higher than your armpits.
• If it is too long—the rope should be shortened for optimal jumping experience.

How do I shorten my Pro Jump Rope?

WARNING—CHOKING HAZARD Small Part. Not for Children. Adult use ONLY.
1. Remove the end cap from the specified handle. Pull out bag that contains 2 extra metal clips. 
2. Push the rope through the end of the handle. 
3. You will see a plastic retaining clip and a plastic clip collar— separate the two and push the smaller clip down the rope to the predetermined length.
4. Cut the rope approximately 1/2" to the outside of the clip. 
    CAUTION: It is better to cut too long if uncertain.
4. Slide 1 metal clip to predetermined length. With pliers, clamp down on metal clip until rope does not slide through clip.
5. Pull the rope into the handle.Place the handle end cap back on.

How Often should I Check my Exercise Equipment?

GoFit equipment should always be checked thoroughly before each and every use to assure there are no nicks, tears, holes or other damage to the item. Using damaged items could lead to severe injury. If any sign of damage or wear is present, immediately discontinue use of the item and contact GoFit Customer Service for assistance.


This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods purchased from GoFit, LLC.
The Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal and expected personal use during the warranty period.
All GoFit products are warranted for 1 year from purchase.

The Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that has arisen from:
• Use outside of a home environment or personal use.
• Damage from use of the product in a manner not directed.
• Damage from neglect or abuse
• Damage in shipping (unless shipped direct from GoFit Store)
• Any and all other situations that were not related to defect in manufacture.

To obtain warranty service, original owner of the product must contact GoFit Customer Service directly, for review of the problem and resolution appropriate to each customers’ issue.

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