Push-Up Bars

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Push-Up Bars

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Includes: One Pair Push-Up Bars.
No other exercise, outside of weight training, builds and tones the pectoral and tricep muscles more efficiently than push ups. By utilizing the GoFit Push-Up Bars, you get a greater range of motion, thereby enhancing you upper body workout.



Push-Ups are a great way to develop your upper body strength.

The muscle groups that are primarily used are the Pectorals (Chest) and Triceps (Back of Arms). The GoFit Push-Up Bars allow for a greater range of motion, giving you better and more efficient development of these muscle groups. The nice thing about Push-Ups is that you can do them virtually anywhere.

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Additional Information

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How Often should I Check my Exercise Equipment?

GoFit equipment should always be checked thoroughly before each and every use to assure there are no nicks, tears, holes or other damage to the item. Using damaged items could lead to severe injury. If any sign of damage or wear is present, immediately discontinue use of the item and contact GoFit Customer Service for assistance.



• Clean your Push-Up Bars using a soft cloth with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to remove all residue and water before use.
• DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners.
• Keep the Push-Up Bars out of direct sunlight. Product should not be placed anywhere where it would be exposed to extreme 
  high or low temperatures or heat sources.

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