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  • GoFit GoBarre

    Includes: One GoBarre, Core Ab Ball, Medium Resistance Flat Band, Workout DVD, Laminated Flip Book.
    The GoFit GoBarre integrates today’s hottes ...

  • GoFit Corset Waist Trainer
    Corset Waist Trainer—NEW!

    Available Sizes: S, M, L
    Includes: One Corset Waist Trainer and Owner's Manual
    GoFit’s Corset Waist Trainer helps you tig ...

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  • GoFit Medicine Balls
    Medicine Balls

    Available Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 LB
    Includes: One Medicine Ball and Training Manual
    Medicine Ball training is designed to increase core trunk strength that a ...

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  • GoFit Gel Hand Grip
    Gel Hand Grip

    Available Resistances: Medium and Firm
    Includes: One Gel Hand Grip
    The GoFit Gel Hand Grip ergonomically fits in your palm and ...

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  • GoFit Resist-a-Bar
    Resist-a-Bar NEW!

    Includes: Resist-a-Bar and Training Manual
    Versatile training for stand-alone and door-anchored exercise options. The GoFit Resist-a-Bar is a to ...

  • GoFit Go Grip

    Includes: One GoGrip
    GoFit’s GoGrip Stress Reliever helps effectively squeeze-away stress and increase hand strength.

  • GoFit 16 LB Wall Ball
    13" Wall Ball

    Available Weights: 16, 20, 25 LB
    Includes: Wall Ball and Training Manual
    The GoFit Wall Ball increases the intensity of explosi ...

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  • 40 LB Weighted Vest
    Weighted Vests

    Available Weights: 10, 20, and 40 LB
    Includes: One Weighted Vest
    The GoFit Weighted Vests are perfect for adding resistance to ...

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  •  GoFit GoH2O Water-Resistance Workout Set
    GoH2O—Water Resistance Workout Set

    Includes: One GoH2O Belt, Two GoH2O Barbells, 2 GoH2O Gloves, and Training Manual.
    Stay cool and train in the pool with the GoH2O Water-Resistance Workout Set! The Go ...

  • GoFit Guide Mat
    Guide Mat—NEW!

    Includes: One Guide Mat
    The GoFit Guide Mat is a super convenient tool to take your workout anywhere and see real results.

  • GoFit Speed Jump Rope
    Speed Jump Rope

    Includes: One 9' Speed Jump Rope.
    Reach your target heart rate quicker and maintain your pace more comfortably with the GoFit Speed Rope.

  • Pro Cable Rope
    Pro Cable Rope

    Includes: One 9' Pro Cable Rope.
    This commercial grade, coated steel cable rope provides incredible feedback for maximum results and is a compac ...


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37-48 of 77