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  • GoFit Heavy Jump Rope
    Heavy Jump Rope

    Includes: One 9' Heavy Jump Rope.
    The GoFit Heavy Jump Rope increases cardio resistance, while providing superior grip and comfort with the soft foam ...

  • GoFit Ab Wheel
    Dual Exercise Ab Wheel

    Includes: One Ab Wheel.
    The GoFit Dual Exercise Ab Wheel is a product specifically geared to get you the results you want! By working both the upper ...

  • GoFit Wrist & Forearm Blaster
    Wrist & Forearm Blaster

    Includes: One Wrist & Forearm Blaster.
    The GoFit Wrist & Forearm Blaster strengthens and tones your hands, wrists and forearms. Heavyweight s ...

  • GoFit Push-Up Bars
    Push-Up Bars

    Includes: One Pair Push-Up Bars.
    No other exercise, outside of weight training, builds and tones the pectoral and tricep muscles more efficiently tha ...

  • GoFit Hand Grips
    Medium Resistance Hand Grips

    Includes: One Pair Hand Grips.
    The GoFit Medium Resistance Hand Grips are an excellent way to build hand and forearm strength. It is also an excellen ...

  • GoFit Hand Putty
    Hand Grip Putty

    Includes: One Hand Putty and Downloadable Poster.
    The GoFit Hand Grip Putty provides a medium level of resistance that is ideal for increasing grip s ...

  • GoFit Go Grip

    Includes: One GoGrip
    GoFit’s GoGrip Stress Reliever helps effectively squeeze-away stress and increase hand strength, one GRIP at a time!

  • GoFit Gel Hand Grip
    Gel Hand Grip

    Available Resistances: Medium and Firm
    Includes: One Gel Hand Grip
    The GoFit Gel Hand Grip ergonomically fits in your palm and ...

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  •  GoFit GoH2O Water-Resistance Workout Set
    GoH2O—Water Resistance Workout Set

    Includes: One GoH2O Belt, Two GoH2O Barbells, 2 GoH2O Gloves, and Training Manual.
    Stay cool and train in the pool with the GoH2O Water-Resistance Workout Set! The Go ...

  • GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station
    Elevated Chin Up Station

    Includes: One Elevated Chin Up Station and Training Manual.
    Our multi-use Chin Up Station incorporates a new patent-pending design which elevates you ...

  • GoFit Gravity Straps
    Gravity Straps

    Includes: 2 GoFit Gravity Straps with Door Anchors, 2 Handles, 2 Ankle Cradles, Mesh Travel Bag, and Training Manual.
    This i ...

  • GoFit Weighted Aerobic Gloves
    Weighted Aerobic Gloves

    Includes: One Pair Weighted Aerobic Gloves.
    The GoFit Weighted Aerobic Gloves increase conditioning, strength-building and sport training.  ...


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