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  • GoFit GoSlim Thigh Slimmers
    GoSlim Thigh Slimmer—NEW!

    Includes: Left and Right GoSlim Thigh Slimmer.
    The GoFit GoSlim Thigh Slimmer compliments any workout routine by capturing muscle heat and increasing ...

  • GoFit Polar Roll-On Massager
    Polar Roll-On Massager—NEW!

    Includes: One Polar Roll-On Massager and Online Therapy Poster PDF.
    Get ultra-portable, targeted cold rolling massage th ...

  • GoFit Resist-a-Bar
    Resist-a-Bar NEW!

    Includes: Resist-a-Bar and Training Manual
    Versatile training for stand-alone and door-anchored exercise options. The GoFit Resist-a-Bar is a to ...

  • GoFit Pivoting Push Up Pods
    Pivoting Push Up Pods—NEW!

    Includes: 2 Pivoting Push Up Pods—quickly snaps together into one portable unit.
    Pivoting Push Up Pods will help you develop better balan ...

  • GoFit Go Slides
    Go Slides—NEW!

    Includes: 2 Go Slides, Slider Booties (for hard surfaces), Training Manual, and Carry Bag
    Develop better stability and increase your muscular enduran ...

  • GoFit Go Stretch
    Go Stretch—NEW!

    Includes: One Go Stretch and Owner's Manual.
    The GoFit Go Stretch is a dynamic stretching tool for calves and achilles.

  • GoFit Pro Speed Rope
    Pro Speed Rope—NEW!

    Includes: One 9' Pro Speed Rope.
    Cardio-Intense, Muscle-Carving Workout, with Deluxe Grip Handles—Get intense cardio training, while ...

  • GoFit Body Fat Caliper
    Body Fat Caliper—NEW!

    Includes: GoFit Body Fat Caliper, Usage Instructions, Body Fat Percentage Charts for Men & Women 
    The GoFit Body Fat Caliper first mea ...

  • GoFit Mega ProGym
    Mega ProGym—NEW!

    Includes: 6 Resistance Tubes, 2 Handles, 2 Door Anchors, Training Manual, Carry Bag.
    Get mega strength-training with the GoFit Mega ProGym. ...

  • GoFit Super Ab Wheel
    Super Ab Wheel—NEW!

    Includes: Super Ab Wheel and Training Manual
    The GoFit Super Ab Wheel is compact, lightweight and easy to use, its premium features simply make it pe ...

  • GoFit GoTape

    Includes: GoFit GoTape 
    The GoFit GoTape is an ultra convenient, compact way to measure around arms, legs, waist etc. Much easier and quick ...

  • GoFit Guide Mat
    Guide Mat—NEW!

    Includes: One Guide Mat
    The GoFit Guide Mat is a super convenient tool to take your workout anywhere and see real results.


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