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  • GoFit GoBarre

    Includes: One GoBarre, Core Ab Ball, Medium Resistance Flat Band, Workout DVD, Laminated Flip Book.
    The GoFit GoBarre integrates today’s hottes ...

  • GoFit Super Ab Wheel
    Super Ab Wheel

    Includes: Super Ab Wheel and Training Manual
    The GoFit Super Ab Wheel is compact, lightweight and easy to use, its premium features simply make it pe ...

  • GoFit Agility Ladder
    Agility Ladder

    Includes: One Agility Ladder and Carry Bag.
    The GoFit Agility Ladder is used to increase speed and agility.

  • GoFit Power Chute
    Power Chute

    Includes: One Power Chute, Adjustable Belt, and Carry Bag.
    The GoFit Power Chute is designed to increase any athlete's speed and power ...

  •  Core Performance Agility Bags
    Agility Bags—Set of Three with Core PerformanceTraining DVD

    Includes: 3 Agility Bags and Core Performance Training DVD.
    The Core Performance Agility Bags are used to increase speed and agility. This ...

  • Stability Training Pods
    Stability Training Pods
    Increase balance and stability with core muscle training. Stability Pods are simple tools, providing amazing results to help you strengthen abs, firm quads & glutes, increase ...
  • GoFit Extreme Sand Bag
    Extreme Sand Bag

    Includes: One Heavy-Grade Canvas Bag (4 handle positions and dual-secure closure) and 3 Weight Inserts.
    GoFit’s Extreme Sand Bag ...


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Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)