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  • GoFit GoRope — 2mm
    GoRope 2 or 4mm

    Available Sizes: 2mm and 4mm
    Includes: One 10' GoRope 
    GoFit’s fully adjustable cable GoRope is a high-performance s ...

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  • GoFit Pro Speed Rope
    Pro Speed Rope

    Includes: One 9' Pro Speed Rope.
    Cardio-Intense, Muscle-Carving Workout, with Deluxe Grip Handles—Get intense cardio training, while ...

  • GoFit Speed Jump Rope
    Speed Jump Rope

    Includes: One 9' Speed Jump Rope.
    Reach your target heart rate quicker and maintain your pace more comfortably with the GoFit Speed Rope.

  • Pro Cable Rope
    Pro Cable Rope

    Includes: One 9' Pro Cable Rope.
    This commercial grade, coated steel cable rope provides incredible feedback for maximum results and is a compac ...

  • GoFit Lightning Rope
    Lightning Rope

    Includes: One 9' Lightning Jump Rope.
    The GoFit Lightning Rope has a slim-line handle design and durable flex rope which are the perfect lightweight ...

  • GoFit Weighted Jump Rope
    Weighted Jump Rope

    Includes: One 9' Weighted Jump Rope.
    The GoFit Weighted Jump Rope contains 1/2 LB weights in each of the handles to help you develop the muscles in y ...

  • GoFit Classic Jump Rope
    Classic Jump Rope

    Includes: One 8.5' Classic Jump Rope.
    The Classic Jump Rope will provide anyone at any level a great way to experience jumping rope for a great cardi ...

  • GoFit Leather Jump Rope
    Leather Jump Rope

    Includes: One 9' Leather Jump Rope.
    The GoFit Leather Rope is the classic boxer's training rope. Comes with a solid 9 foot leather rope, precision ba ...

  • GoFit Beaded Jump Rope
    Beaded Jump Rope

    Includes: One 9' Beaded Jump Rope.
    The GoFit Beaded Rope is a great rope to begin your cardio training. Great for all ages.

  • GoFit Heavy Jump Rope
    Heavy Jump Rope

    Includes: One 9' Heavy Jump Rope.
    The GoFit Heavy Jump Rope increases cardio resistance, while providing superior grip and comfort with the soft foam ...

  • GoFit Ultmate ProRope & Audio CD
    Ultimate Pro Rope

    Includes: One 10' Jump Rope, Audio CD, and Instructional Jump Book.
    Jump into one of the most efficient methods of cardio traini ...

  • RopeSport DVD - Basic Program
    RopeSport DVD - Basic Program

    The RopeSport DVD Basic Program includes everything you need to know about FreeStyle JumpRoping, the fatblasting, cardio-conditioning workout that's taking the count ...

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12 Item(s)