High Intensity Training Tools

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  • GoFit 16 LB Wall Ball
    13" Wall Ball

    Available Weights: 16, 20, 25 LB
    Includes: Wall Ball and Training Manual
    The GoFit Wall Ball increases the intensity of explosi ...

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  • GoFit Go Slides
    Go Slides

    Includes: 2 Go Slides, Slider Booties (for hard surfaces), Training Manual, and Carry Bag
    Develop better stability and increase your muscular enduran ...

  • GoFit Super Ab Wheel
    Super Ab Wheel

    Includes: Super Ab Wheel and Training Manual
    The GoFit Super Ab Wheel is compact, lightweight and easy to use, its premium features simply make it pe ...

  • GoFit Pivoting Push Up Pods
    Pivoting Push Up Pods

    Includes: 2 Pivoting Push Up Pods—quickly snaps together into one portable unit.
    Pivoting Push Up Pods will help you develop better balan ...

  • 12" Plyobox
    12" Plyobox w/ Plyo Body Shred DVD

    Includes: 12" Hardwood Plyobox, "Plyo Body Shred DVD", and Bonus Plyo Exercise Book.
    GoFit’s Premium Wood Plyobox is the at home total body sol ...

  • GoFit Medicine Balls
    Medicine Balls

    Available Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 LB
    Includes: One Medicine Ball and Training Manual
    Medicine Ball training is designed to i ...

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  • Pro Cable Rope
    Pro Cable Rope

    Includes: One 9' Pro Cable Rope.
    This commercial grade, coated steel cable rope provides incredible feedback for maximum results and is a compac ...

  • GoFit Ab Wheel
    Dual Exercise Ab Wheel

    Includes: One Ab Wheel.
    The GoFit Dual Exercise Ab Wheel is a product specifically geared to get you the results you want! By working both the upper ...

  • GoFit Extreme Sand Bag
    Extreme Sand Bag

    Includes: One Heavy-Grade Canvas Bag (4 handle positions and dual-secure closure) and 3 Weight Inserts.
    GoFit’s Extreme Sand Bag ...

  • GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel
    Extreme Ab Wheel

    Includes: One Extreme Ab Wheel and Training Manual.
    GoFit’s Extreme Ab Wheel, the ultimate functional fitness tool, delivers an intense workout ...

  • GoFit Combat Rope
    Combat Rope

    Includes: One Combat Rope and Training Manual.
    This durable cotton/ nylon rope uses natural functional movements to ensure great core conditioning an ...


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