Pivoting Push Up Pods

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Pivoting Push Up Pods

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Includes: 2 Pivoting Push Up Pods—quickly snaps together into one portable unit.
Pivoting Push Up Pods will help you develop better balance and get greater results as you take your push ups to the next level!



Push ups just got more intense. GoFit’s Pivoting Push Up Pods are the ideal addition to any home gym or workout routine on the go. They offer an unstable, rotating base for push up exercises that forces your body to build strength and stamina. This means increased challenge, more muscle groups in play, and greater gains. Lightweight, yet heavy duty, the Pivoting Push Up Pods disassemble and snap together into one compact “kit.” It’s the ultra-portable, push up intensifier. Train. Recover. Repeat. GoFit.

• Challenging push ups for greater gains
• Pivoting feature allows for variety of exercise options
• Heavy duty plastic construction
• Rubberized, gripping texture on unit bases
• Rubberized, handle texture
• Compact “Kit” unit size: 7.75" dia. x 4"

2 Pivoting Push Up Pods—quickly snaps together into one portable unit.

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Additional Information

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How Often should I Check my Exercise Equipment?

GoFit equipment should always be checked thoroughly before each and every use to assure there are no nicks, tears, holes or other damage to the item. Using damaged items could lead to severe injury. If any sign of damage or wear is present, immediately discontinue use of the item and contact GoFit Customer Service for assistance.


Pivoting Push Up Pod Assembly

1. Pivoting Push Up Pods snap together into one portable unit, including the Handles: To dis-assemble them for use, start by pulling-apart the two Pod halves. 

2. Remove the Handles from inside the Pods: Take the Handles from inside and pull them apart. 

3. Snap the Handles and Pods together: Snap the two Handles together with the two Pods. Now, you’re ready to do push ups. 
    When you’re finished with your workout, just reverse the steps and you’re good to go. Train. Recover. Repeat. GoFit. 



• Clean the Pivoting Push Up Pods with a damp cloth, mild soap, and warm water. DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners.
  DO NOT immerse Pivoting Push Up Pods into water.

• Keep the Pivoting Push Up Pods out of direct sunlight. The Pivoting Push Up Pods should not be placed anywhere
  where it would be exposed to extreme high or low temperatures, heat sources or open flame.


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