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I'm constantly on movie sets trying to squeeze in workouts whenever there's a chance. Products from GoFit are second to none when it comes to quality, ease of use and effectiveness. The Gravity Bar has become my absolute favorite tool, giving my clients the best results we've seen so far. It's a great product for any range of skill, allowing me to produce an innovative workout that my celebrity clients can't get enough of.
—Brian Nguyen
Hollywood Trainer, and
Personal Trainer to Mark Wahlberg
add weight to your workout whether it be for aerobics, football or training for the Fire Academy.

GoFit Weighted Vests add resistance to your training, making your muscles exert more effort for great results in your fitness program. Our vests feature neoprene padding for total body comfort as well as a unique, one-size-fits-all, double closure design, fitting both men and women. GoFit vests are adjustable in weight, using granulated steel shot packets, which conform to your body, and allow you to use as little as .75lbs.

These vests are NOT waterproof.

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$44.99 - 129.99
10lb weighted vest Includes
  • Weight resistance adjustable from .75lbs to 10lbs.
  • One water bottle holster

Removable weights are .75lb each

20lb weighted vest Includes
  • Weight resistance adjustable from .75lbs to 20lbs.

Removable weights are .75lb each

40lb weighted vest Includes
  • Weight resistance adjustable from .75lbs to 40lbs.

Removable weights are .75lb each

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