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GoFit gives me the quality and the variety I need in my training programs. When we were on the set of Fighter we used everything from medicine balls, kettlebells, bands, mats, you name it and we used it. Because I try and make every workout better than the last, I need products I can trust. GoFit does that for me.
—Brian Nguyen
Hollywood Trainer, and
Personal Trainer to Mark Wahlberg

Get Results Faster! That's what the GoFit Sweat Suit is all about.

Enhance your workout by wearing the Sweat Suit that makes you sweat! This generously sized suit is specifically designed to increase your body's perspiration. It also helps to keep your muscle groups warm and relaxed which can, of course, help to prevent the likelihood of pulling a muscle.

The most common uses for GoFit Sweat Suit include walking, jogging and jumping rope. We recommend that you wear the suit in combination with the GoFit training products to help you maximize your results.

The suit is made of heavyweight vinyl and has reflective stripes for night safety. Suit should be hand washed and hung to dry.

Comes in two Unisex sizes. S/M Chest 42" and under, Waist 34" and under. L/XL Chest to 60", Waist to 44". Includes one TOP and one PANT with reflective tape for night safety. Neck, arms, waist and legs are elastic, but measurements are given at the complete extension of the elastic. These suits are made to be baggy- they are not fitted garments.

This suit is designed to be worn during exercise and it is NOT recommended to be worn all day.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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  • One Set - Pants / Pullover
available in the following two sizes:
  • Small / Medium
  • Large / X-Large

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