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With all equipment, safety is a #1 factor. What I love about the gravity bar is that its anchored to the wall, so there is no room for mishaps. Having a piece of equipment that uses your own body weight is essential in a full body strength training program. I'm obsessed with the variety of strength and core moves the gravity bar offers. Even better, you can do a tremendous 20 minute workout with the gravity bar and feel challenged - for me, efficiency is always key.
—Ashley Borden
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant
GoFit Success Stories
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Jennifer Berg

I was never really in that great of shape to begin with but after having my first child I had ballooned up to 165 lbs. I tried unsuccessfully for about 6 months to lose weight but the scale was not budging. One afternoon I received an email from a local personal trainer requesting participants for a focus group trying out a new piece of equipment called the Gravity Bar. Thankfully, I was chosen as one of the participants and that is where my successful weight loss journey begins.

The Gravity Bar Program consisted of 2-3 days a week of 30 min on the gravity bar doing an all-over body workout. Five days per week of cardio between 14 and 30 minutes using the 30/30 watch on any type of cardio equipment, running, jump roping, stair climbing etc. It was great and easy to change it up to any type of cardio I could find that day and using the 30/30 watch made my interval training simple and fun. Along with the Gravity Bar training and cardio I ate a calorie restricted diet low in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

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Although it was not always easy after 3 months I lost 25lbs over 20" and 10% body fat, going from 165lbs to 140 lbs.

When the program was over I knew that I wanted to continue to lose more weight. Being inspired by my sister in law to train for a figure competition I hired a coach/trainer and got to work on the weights trying to gain muscle mass. I continued to use my gravity bar for additional at home resistance training and my 30/30 watch for interval training cardio sessions.

After training for 3 months I competed in my first figure competition. Currently weighing 125lbs I use the Gravity Bar and 30/30 watch several times a week to maintain my weight loss.

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