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With all equipment, safety is a #1 factor. What I love about the gravity bar is that its anchored to the wall, so there is no room for mishaps. Having a piece of equipment that uses your own body weight is essential in a full body strength training program. I'm obsessed with the variety of strength and core moves the gravity bar offers. Even better, you can do a tremendous 20 minute workout with the gravity bar and feel challenged - for me, efficiency is always key.
—Ashley Borden
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant
GoFit ProGym in a Bag

ProGym LogoThe GoFit Ultimate ProGym is the go anywhere, train anytime home gym that comes complete with its own training DVD. The DVD workout is led by fitness and nutrition expert Brook Benten. Join Brook and her team as she empowers you with her scientifically-proven exercises, to increase your balance, strength, and functionality, helping you feel better, have more energy and reduce pain for an active lifestyle.

Whether you are building size and strength, or increasing muscle definition, the key to the ProGym is the ability to add or subtract resistance. You can obtain 7 levels of resistance by creating different combinations of the tube strengths. ProGym Resistance LevelsRegardless of your fitness level, the GoFit Ultimate ProGym will help you attain a healthier you!

GoFit Power Tube Inner Cord Technology.
GoFit strives for maximum performance and innovation in every product. Resistance tubes are not all created equal. GoFit Power Tubes are designed with a unique, reinforcing "Inner Cord" coil within the premium-grade tubing. Resistance Tube TechnologyScientifically tested by a professional, independant lab, this technology is shown to lessen the probability of tube snap back.

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  • Two Handles
  • Three 4-foot Tubes
  • Two Ankle Straps
  • Training DVD
  • One Door Anchor
  • One Exercise Booklet
  • One Nylon Storage Bag
includes the following weights
(approximate weight resistance):
  • 5 lb - Red
  • 10 lb - Blue
  • 15 lb - Green

Strength Training

Balance & Core Stability

Performance & Cardio

Muscle Regeneration


Rubber Resistance Training