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When my life gets too busy and I can't get to the gym, I can still get a full body workout in with the Gravity Bar in the comfort of my own home. By using my own body weight, I get a more proportional workout--not to mention it saves me time and gives me great results!
—Stacy Keibler
Actress & Former Professional Wrestler

Athletes' Performance® - Mark Verstegen

Mark Verstegen had a vision to create an exclusive venue solely built around the needs and demands of the elite and aspiring-elite athlete. In this "refuge" environment, he would assemble an integrated set of top specialists who would deliver scientifically backed, ethical performance solutions to athletes under one roof.

Mark opened the first Athletes' Performance Institute in 1999. The state-of-the-art facility, now known as Athletes' Performance - Arizona (APAZ), opened in 2001 and won instant international acclaim for its design and functionality. APAZ began to attract elite athletes from around the globe. Before too long, many of the top champions in sport began to call Athletes' Performance their off-season home.

In 2001, Athletes' Performance began its ground-breaking NFL Combine preparation program. Prospective NFL athletes began coming to AP for focused training to prepare them for the tests of the NFL Combine in the hopes of improving their draft position and developing a foundation for a long and successful career in the league.

Today, Athletes' Performance has numerous world class training accolades and facilities in Arizona, Los Angeles and Florida.

Kent Katich The nation's premier Sports yoga trainer

Kent Katich has collaborated with GoFit to develop "Yogaletics." This cutting edge concept blends Yoga exercises with unique, athletic instruction techniques and high-performance yoga equipment, creating a dynamic training method to help any athlete perform better and decrease injuries in virtually any sport.

The physical and mental conditioning of yoga has long been recognized for its fitness benefits. But until now, yoga has been largely misunderstood and held as an unfamiliar, if not mystical form of exercise. Yogaletics removes the mystery, revealing a truly revolutionary way to train and excel in every area of fitness and sports performance. You can attain game-changing advantages in flexibility, balance and stamina as well as mental focus and agility. As any athlete will attest, these elements, among many other benefits of Yogaletics training, will help you be less prone to injury and more conditioned to win.

Kent Katich has coached some of the best athletes in the world using Yogaletics to improve performance, build a better body and decrease injuries. Katich has been implementing yoga training into athletic programs throughout the world. Using a dynamic approach to the discipline of yoga, Katich has reshaped the attitudes and training methods of hundreds of the world's top athletes including Olympic teams, All Stars and Hall-Of-Famers. He has been featured on numerous national TV shows and sport/fitness publications. Katich is the owner of The Yoga Court in Los Angeles.

Kettlebell Konnection™ - Jessica huthmaker

Jessica Huthmaker is a veteran of the fitness and sport performance industry and a RKC-certified kettlebell instructor. Her passion for equipping and encouraging others to become their very best in physical fitness, fuels her Kettlebell training ability. The kettlebell hails from Russia as a 300-year-old, all-encompassing training tool guaranteed to deliver unmatched results. Training with kettlebells will fix your physique where it needs fixing; a defined midsection and great flexibility are typical traits of seasoned kettlebell lifters. Devoted to the success of every individual she works with, Jessica focuses on the remarkable combination of skill enhancement and physical reconstruction gained from the kettlebell. She believes nutrition, lifestyle and training variety are all key components in achieving high levels of health and fitness.

Jessica holds dual certifications in Kettlebell training and is passionate about combining challenging, innovative training styles with traditional weightlifting. Prior to relocating West, she has been training athletes and individuals of all ages for over a decade and co-founded Athlete's Arena in Irmo, South Carolina. Jessica is a state record holder in South Carolina Powerlifting—holds fitness and bodybuilding titles with the SC and NPC, is a Galaxy Nova finalist and was named Miss USC Fitness at the University of South Carolina.

Our mission is to provide the finest methods, specialists and facilities seamlessly integrated to efficiently and ethically enhance our athletes' performance.
—Mark Verstegen
Yoga is the ultimate way to prevent and correct athletic injuries by keeping the body from breaking down. It actually helps you build a better body and improve athletic performance.
—Kent Katich
Kettlebells deliver extreme all-around fitness. You can become as lean, as strong, or as functional and flexible as you want! People from all walks of life will benefit from the kettlebell.
—Jessica Huthmaker

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