Muscle Pain Management

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  • GoFit Polar Foot Roller
    Polar Foot Roller—NEW!

    Includes: One Polar Foot Roller and Owner's Manual.
    Roll out foot relief, and sooth Plantar Faciitis pain with GoFit’s newest cryo therapy trea ...

  • GoFit 24" Pro Foam Roll
    24" Pro Foam Roll

    Includes: 24" Pro Foam Roll and Training Manual.
    GoFit Pro Foam Roll is designed to withstand heavy use for deep tissue massage.

  • GoFit Pro Deep Tissue Acupoint Massage Roller
    Pro Deep Tissue Massage Roller—NEW!

    Includes: Pro Deep Tissue Massage Roller and Training Manual.
    Like massaging fingers, in a seamless egg-crate pattern, the smooth-rolling nodules of ...

  • GoFit Foam Roll—18"
    Foam Roller

    Available Sizes: 18", 24", 36"
    Includes: One Foam Roller and Training Manual 
    The GoFit Foam Roller is just the right firm ...

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  • GoFit Extreme 13" Go Roller w/ NEW Ultra Fin Core
    Extreme 13" Go Roller w/ NEW Ultra Fin Core

    Includes: Extreme 13" Go Roller and Training Manual.
    The Extreme 13" Go Roller, featuring the new UltraFin Core, exclusive egg crate pat ...

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  • GoFit Go Roller
    12" Go Roller w/ NEW Ultra Fin Core

    Includes: One 12" Go Roller, Myofascial Release Ball, Mesh Carry Bag, and Training Manual.
    The GoFit Go Roller with NEW Ultra Fin Core is perfe ...

  • GoFit 18" Go Roller
    18" Go Roller w/ NEW UltraFin Core

    Includes: One 18" Go Roller and Training Manual. 
    The GoFit 18" Go Roller is a great way to increase flexibility and speed up post-workout recov ...

  • GoFit Massage Bar
    Massage Bar

    Includes: One Massage Bar and Training Manual.
    The GoFit Massage Bar s a great tool to awaken tired muscles pre-workout and to help knead aching ...

  • GoFit Polar Roller
    Polar Roller- NEW!

    Includes: One Polar Roller and Owner's Manual.
    The GoFit Polar Roller reduces swelling and inflammation from exercise, sports injuries, arthri ...

  • GoFit Foot & Hand Massage Roller
    Foot & Hand Massage Roller

    Includes: One Foot & Hand Massage Roller and Therapy Poster.
    Roll out relief for your sore feet and hands. Sooth the pain associated with Planta ...

  • GoFit Roll-On Massager
    Roll-On Massager

    Includes: One Roll-On Massager and Online Therapy Poster PDF.
    The ultra portable, GoFit Roll-On Massager is ideal for reaching tight spots and r ...

  • GoFit Extreme Massage Bar
    Extreme Massage Bar

    Includes: One Extreme Massage Bar and Training Manual.
    Target deep muscle tissue with the GoFit Extreme Massage Bar for maximum pain relief. Excelle ...


Grid List

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1-12 of 22

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