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  • GoFit GoRope — 2mm
    GoRope 2 or 4mm—NEW!

    Available Sizes: 2mm and 4mm
    Includes: One GoRope 
    GoFit’s fully adjustable cable GoRope is a high-performance speed ...

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  •  GoFit GoH2O Water-Resistance Workout Set
    GoH2O—Water Resistance Workout Set

    Includes: One GoH2O Belt, Two GoH2O Barbells, 2 GoH2O Gloves, and Training Manual.
    Stay cool and train in the pool with the GoH2O Water-Resistance Workout Set! The Go ...

  • GoFit Glute Blaster Bands
    Glute Blaster Bands—NEW!

    Includes: One Pair Glute Blaster Bands 
    Available Resistances: Medium or Heavy
    Need more resi ...

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  • GoFit Resist-a-Bar
    Resist-a-Bar NEW!

    Includes: Resist-a-Bar and Training Manual
    Versatile training for stand-alone and door-anchored exercise options. The GoFit Resist-a-Bar is a to ...

  • GoFit Corset Waist Trainer
    Corset Waist Trainer—NEW!

    Available Sizes: S, M, L
    Includes: One Corset Waist Trainer and Owner's Manual
    GoFit’s Corset Waist Trainer helps you tig ...

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  • GoFit Mega ProGym
    Mega ProGym—NEW!

    Includes: 6 Resistance Tubes, 2 Handles, 2 Door Anchors, Training Manual, Carry Bag.
    Get mega strength-training with the GoFit Mega ProGym. ...

  • GoFit Glute Blaster Belt
    Glute Blaster Belt—NEW!

    Includes: One Glute Blaster Belt, Knee Pad, Training Manual, and Carry Bag.
    Sculpt and shape your glutes like nothing else with the GoFit Glute Blast ...

  • GoFit Pro Power Loops
    Pro Power Loops—NEW!

    Includes: 3 Latex Pro Power Loops, Training Manual, and Carry Bag.
    GoFit Pro Power Loops are wider, longer and stronger, giving more resistance for ...

  • GoFit GoBarre

    Includes: One GoBarre, Core Ab Ball, Medium Resistance Flat Band, Workout DVD, Laminated Flip Book.
    The GoFit GoBarre integrates today’s hottes ...

  • GoFit Polar Massage Bar
    Polar Massage Bar—NEW!

    Includes: One Polar Massage Bar and Owner's Manual.
    The GoFit Polar Massage Bar, rolls out targeted cold, cryo therapy more efficiently than ice pack ...

  • GoFit Polar Roller
    Polar Roller- NEW!

    Includes: One Polar Roller and Owner's Manual.
    The GoFit Polar Roller reduces swelling and inflammation from exercise, sports injuries, arthri ...

  • GoFit Polar Foot Roller
    Polar Foot Roller—NEW!

    Includes: One Polar Foot Roller and Owner's Manual.
    Roll out foot relief, and sooth Plantar Faciitis pain with GoFit’s newest cryo therapy trea ...


Grid List

Set Descending Direction

1-12 of 18

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