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GoFit Chin Up Bar
Use the GoFit Ultimate Chin up Bar in your home training program to get a gym-level upper body work out.

Not only is the bar perfect for chin ups, it can also be used for push ups, and as a foot anchor for sit ups and crunches. The Ultimate Chin Up Bar also features two lat-blasting adjustable grip handles to help you target:

The Ultimate Chin Up Bar will adjust to fit most standard width door frames. Before using the Ultimate Chin Up Bar, always make sure that the brackets are properly mounted and the bar is securely adjusted to fit mounting brackets. Do not use bar without properly mounted brackets. The Ultimate Chin Up Bar includes one heavy duty adjustable chin up bar, two lat-blasting, adjustable grip handles, and mounting hardware which includes 4 silver weight bearing brackets—2 for mounting high in your door, and 2 for mounting the bar low in the doorway to do push-ups and situps.

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  • 1 Adjustable Ultimate Chin Up Bar
  • 2 Lat-blasting Adjustable Grip Handles
  • 1 Set of Mounting Hardware

350lb weight capacity.

DO NOT mount in doorways wider than 36".

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