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Assisted Chin Up Station

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Abdominal Straps
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With all equipment, safety is a #1 factor. What I love about the gravity bar is that its anchored to the wall, so there is no room for mishaps. Having a piece of equipment that uses your own body weight is essential in a full body strength training program. I'm obsessed with the variety of strength and core moves the gravity bar offers. Even better, you can do a tremendous 20 minute workout with the gravity bar and feel challenged - for me, efficiency is always key.
—Ashley Borden
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant
Assisted Chin Up Station
Get The all-new, Gofit Assisted Chin up station Featuring Gravity band technology for more reps and bigger gains!
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Give your chin-up workout a boost and take it to a whole new level! Order now and get your Abstraps for $9.99 (use code abstraps during checkout).

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This unmatched exercise concept can help advance your training program whether you're a beginner or seasoned athlete. The ACS gets you above the height of standard chin up bars for more clearance and a full range of motion. With its integrated Gravity Band, you can help take your training to new heights. Make the Gravity Band your workout parther—giving you just the boost you need to advance your performance to the next level. Simply place one knee into the Gravity Band and let it assist you as you do chin ups.

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Beginners will feel the help immediately, and notice a rapid increase in ability. Advanced athletes will see an increased ability to do more reps and push their training to new heights and bigger gains.

The ACS instantly and easily mounts in your standard doorway with no screws, using leverage and gravity. Use the multi-function ACS, for chin ups in several hand positions, abdominals, sit ups, push ups and dips. The Gravity Band and optional Abstraps attach quickly and securely onto the provided eyebolts.

Assisted Chin Up Station Exercises
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  • Assisted Chin Up Station
  • Gravity Band
  • Laminated Exercise Booklet
  • Assembly hardware and Instructions
  • Optional - Abdominal Straps
  • 36" W x 10-1/2" H x 11-1/2" D
  • Fits doorways – 32" to 34" wide
  • Weight limit: 300 lb

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