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I'm constantly on movie sets trying to squeeze in workouts whenever there's a chance. Products from GoFit are second to none when it comes to quality, ease of use and effectiveness. The Gravity Bar has become my absolute favorite tool, giving my clients the best results we've seen so far. It's a great product for any range of skill, allowing me to produce an innovative workout that my celebrity clients can't get enough of.
—Brian Nguyen
Hollywood Trainer, and
Personal Trainer to Mark Wahlberg
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Get effective strength training at home or anywhere with GoFit's Rubber Resistance Training System. The GoFit Ankle Strap is a key element of this portable weight-resistance system. Use it with the GoFit Door Anchor for your lower body workout. Note, for product installation and usage, follow detailed instructions included with each product. First attach your GoFit Power Tube or Super Band to your GoFit Door Anchor. Then place the GoFit Ankle Strap around your ankle. Next, attach the free end of your GoFit Power Tube or Super Band to the Ankle Strap carabiner. Now, you can perform a variety of lower body exercises, pulling- or pushing-away from the Door Anchor.

GoFit's Rubber Resistance Training System:

Important note: The GoFit Ankle Straps requires GoFit Power Tubes or Super Bands for use.
The GoFit Ankle Strap requires the GoFit Door Anchor for use, as well as GoFit Power Tubes or Super Bands.
(GoFit Power Tubes, Power Bands and Door Anchor sold separately).

The GoFit Rubber Resistance Training System lets you purchase each item separately to create your own ultra-effective workout. As your training progresses, simply expand your system with more resistance options. For example, use one Ankle Strap and Door Anchor with a variety of Tubes or Bands depending on your particualr workout regimen.

Items in GoFit's Rubber Resistance Training System include:

The GoFit Ankle Strap is made of heavy duty, premium components. Its heavy guage carabiner delivers secure hold for serious workouts. The soft, padded neoprene interior protects your leg from rubbing discomfort. While thick, durable nylon webbing provides performance that lasts.

GoFit Ankle Straps
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  • One GoFit Ankle Strap
    (Use with GoFit Power Tubes and
    GoFit Super Bands)
Size Each:
Width: 1.5" x Length 21"
Adjustable diameter from approximately 2.25" to 4.25"

Strength Training

Balance & Core Stability

Performance & Cardio

Muscle Regeneration


Rubber Resistance Training