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With all equipment, safety is a #1 factor. What I love about the gravity bar is that its anchored to the wall, so there is no room for mishaps. Having a piece of equipment that uses your own body weight is essential in a full body strength training program. I'm obsessed with the variety of strength and core moves the gravity bar offers. Even better, you can do a tremendous 20 minute workout with the gravity bar and feel challenged - for me, efficiency is always key.
—Ashley Borden
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant

Bigger Wheel, better workout. Improve your power and balance with a strong, conditioned core. The Extreme Ab Wheel from GoFit challenges your your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes for a total core workout. You'll also see results in your chest, arms, calves and hamstrings. Exercises range from moderate to very advanced. So virtually any fitness level can benefit from the GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel. All this combines to make the Extreme Ab Wheel another GoFit High Intensity Training Tool.

The GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel includes a laminated training flip book. You’ll get proper usage instruction, and a detailed, progressive workout guide. The flip book pictures several exercise options with instructions and QR codes. Simply scan these codes with the QR Reader App on your smart phone to view video clips of each exercise. It’s all designed to help you get the most out of your GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel and reap real fitness benefits.

This ulitmate core-training tool is made of heavy duty, durable polymers with a solid, non-neumatic rubber wheel, that has sure-footed GoFit tread. Use the dual-purpose handles as hand grips and foot pedals for a variety of exercise options. One side is contoured and smooth, the other side is flat with relief tread. Whether using your hands or your feet, both surfaces provide a rubberized texture to help you maintain your hold during training. The surface feels almost tacky to-the-touch, giving you the control you need. Also included are heavy duty web-weave nylon straps that are fully adjustable to keep your feet in place and sucure during your workout. Last but not least, the axel is solid steel construction, ready to withstand heavy use.

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  • One Extreme Ab Wheel
  • One Training Flip Book including QR Reader App video exercise demos

Wheel Diameter - 14" (35.5cm)
Assembled Width - 20" (50.5cm)
Hand Grips / Foot Pedals -
6" (15.5cm) x 2.25" (5.5cm) x 1.375" (3.5cm)

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